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For immediate release: June 29, 2004

MDA Starts Work On Third Information Mission

Richmond, B.C. - MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSX: MDA), a provider of essential information solutions, announced today that it has received a multi-million dollar contract from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to carry out the definition of a small satellite information mission. The mission is expected to carry a hyperspectral instrument, capable of collecting detailed information for uses including agriculture, forestry, geology, monitoring inland and coastal waters, urban planning, and military applications.

Most information missions can only capture limited colour spectrum information, while this hyperspectral mission can collect hundreds of colour bands. The result is a much higher level of information content yielding more accurate identification and measurement of materials on the Earth's surface.

This is the Company's third start on a small satellite information mission and follows MDA's CASSIOPE and RapidEye mission announcements. These missions underscore MDA's objective to become the leader in information solutions based on small satellites.

David Caddey, Executive Vice President of MDA's Information Systems group said, "We've been selected to develop an important and timely information mission that will enable Canada to play a key role in monitoring the world's environment and resources. We'll be able to access a wealth of vital new information about the health of our planet."

This hyperspectral mission fully supports the CSA's commitment to lead innovative applications related to Earth Observation, and is a clear example of a mission that may be appropriate for the CSA's recently announced Small and Micro Satellite Program.

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