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For immediate release: May 18, 2004

Canadian Ice Service Renews RADARSAT-1 Contract

Richmond, B.C. - MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSX: MDA) announced today that the Canadian Ice Service (CIS) has awarded the Company another one-year contract worth $1.1 million CDN to supply RADARSAT-1 information. The information will be used for ice-chart mapping services.

The renewal contract for 2004 marks the fourth time the CIS has recognized RADARSAT-1 as a critical source of information to help personnel to monitor and map ice movement to produce invaluable ice charts. These detailed charts are electronically sent to workstations on board ships and icebreakers to assist in navigation.

RADARSAT-1, with its all-weather imaging and near real-time processing capabilities, provides the flexibility, coverage and quickness the CIS requires to quickly map ice floes' movements. The CSI can obtain processed imagery from the northern Arctic region within two hours of acquisition.

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