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"MDA LaunchPad is the one stop starting point for collaboration with MDA. We look forward to working with you towards joint success and growth!"

- Mike Greenley, Group President MDA

What is LaunchPad?

MDA LaunchPad is the starting point for new collaborations with MDA:

  • Do you have a technology that you think is of interest to MDA?
  • Would you like to use an MDA technology or product to pursue a business opportunity?
  • Do you want to enter into a market you are not familiar with and you think MDA can help?
  • You have a research and development idea that you want to explore together?
  • Do you have another collaboration idea?

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Collaboration Opportunities

On a regular basis MDA will post specific opportunities to partner with MDA. In these cases MDA is looking for a specific capability at a Canadian company that is applicable to a program or pursuit. Potential partners are invited to respond to LaunchPad with an initial description of their capabilities and technologies and the LaunchPad team will work with them to determine if there is match for this opportunity.

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Success Stories

Large Scale Additive Manufactured RF Satellite Communication Sub-Systems

MDA has partnered with Burloak Technologies for the recent award of the Canadian Space Agency’s Space Technology Development Program (STDP) project “Large Scale Additive Manufactured RF Satellite Communication Sub-Systems”. In the next two years MDA will support Burloak to advance its Additive Manufacturing (A.M.) for flight applications in commercial space. In partnership with MDA, Burloak will scale up the application of the technology to develop more complex components specifically targeting the sub-system level. Burloak will apply its recently flight certified material processes for Aluminum and Titanium, along with its Invar and Copper processes, to bring a best in class solution to this project. This project will further leverage the gains that A.M. offers to the design and manufacture of complex, lightweight systems in this market.

Synaptive's BrightMatter

In 2012 MDA partnered with Synaptive to develop the Modus V robot using the control software derived from Canadarm2 technology. Modus V’s automation positions its high-powered optical payload via the robotic arm for a precise view of the surgical field, allowing surgeons to focus on the procedure. Automation allows the robotic digital microscope to seamlessly move and almost intuitively position itself with little effort from the surgeon.


In 2007 MDA partnered with the University of Calgary to develop the world’s first MRI-compatible surgical robot. Designed to be controlled by a surgeon from a computer workstation, neuroArm operates in conjunction with real-time MR imaging, providing surgeons unprecedented detail and control, enabling them to manipulate tools at a microscopic scale.

Advanced Space-Based InSAR Risk Analysis of Planned and Existing Transportation Infrastructure

MDA and Stanford University partnered in 2014 to further advance the the InSAR techniques to assess risks for bridges, tunnels and other transportation infrastructure. The study funded by the Department of Transportation resulted in several tools that Transportation Departments and other infrastructure owners to detect millimeter changes over time.

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