​Product Collateral

Want to know more about MDA products and services? This section provides access to our product collateral that will answer your questions. Are you not able to find what you're looking for? Have questions that we didn't answer in the document? Please contact one of our helpful Customer Service representatives. (clientservices@mdacorporation.com)

Beaufort Case StudyPDF521.15 KB
Caprock IntegrityPDF429.91 KB
Digital Elevation Modeling Case StudyPDF521.27 KB
Elevation Modeling ProductsPDF322.62 KB
ESA Copernicus Program Case StudyPDF1.56 MB
Krechba, Algeria - The In Salah ProjectPDF1.73 MB
Life of Mine - Exploration PhasePDF810.97 KB
Life of Mine - Mine Closure MonitoringPDF516.02 KB
Life of Mine - ProductionPDF382.51 KB
Maritime Defence and Security SolutionsPDF830.00 KB
Maritime Security and Environment MonitoringPDF368.39 KB
MDA BlueHawk™PDF961.98 KB
MDA BlueHawk™ Maritime Domain AwarenessPDF308.67 KB
MDA Change monitoringPDF5.90 MB
MDA Geospatial Services OverviewPDF7.90 MB
MDA IceView™PDF390.19 KB
MDA Oil Tracker™PDF10.25 MB
MDA Oil Tracker™ Rapid AlertPDF1.02 MB
MDA's RADARSAT Portal BrochurePDF2.49 MB
Netherlands Space Office Case StudyPDF3.39 MB
Operational Support in Hazardous EnvironmentsPDF233.35 KB
Potash MiningPDF285.04 KB
Quick Start User's Manual: The MDA RADARSAT PortalPDF654.87 KB
RADARSAT-2 Portal User's GuidePDF654.87 KB
RADARSAT-2 ProductsPDF6.39 MB
SAGD or CSS Surface Movement MonitoringPDF737.08 KB
Surface Asset MonitoringPDF787.87 KB
Surface Movement MonitoringPDF30.22 MB
Webinar - Introduction to RADARSAT-2s New Maritime ModesPDF4.02 MB
Webinar - RADARSAT-2 Imaging Modes and ApplicationsPDF6.40 MB

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