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RADARSAT-2 is the most flexible, highest-capacity commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar sensor, and provides customers with a range of SAR imagery options for any application. The RADARSAT-2 Image Gallery has a selection of images and products captured with RADARSAT-2, along with full descriptions of the beam mode used and any processing that was applied to them. Browse the Image Gallery to get a better idea of how MDA and RADARSAT-2 can help solve real-world problems.

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Java, Indonesia

Java, Indonesia

RADARSAT-2 captures a perfectly clear image of Mount Merapi and Mount Merabu on the Indonesian island of Java. This image is based on a Fine imaging mode product with an 8 m resolution and shows an area of 50 km x 50 km. The dual pol image has had the HH and HV polarizations mapped to the red and green channels to produce this stunning image. RADARSAT-2’s SAR sensor allows for clear images of this cloudy region to be reliably captured in a way that optical imagery cannot.

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