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RADARSAT-2 is the most flexible, highest-capacity commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar sensor, and provides customers with a range of SAR imagery options for any application. The RADARSAT-2 Image Gallery has a selection of images and products captured with RADARSAT-2, along with full descriptions of the beam mode used and any processing that was applied to them. Browse the Image Gallery to get a better idea of how MDA and RADARSAT-2 can help solve real-world problems.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This image shows a mixed urban/rural area around Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. RADARSAT-2 SAR satellite imagery provides an effective way to monitor land use change over large areas. Urban areas are clearly identifiable in bright pink, while agriculture, parkland and forest display as various shades of blue and green. Derived from a Fine Quad-Pol mode product with 8 m resolution, this 25 km x 25 km composite image allocates HH polarization to the red channel, HV to the green and VV to the blue. While a single image can provide much information, collecting multiple images over an extended period can give a sense of the change that takes place over time. This is of great value to city planners, agricultural ministries and other agencies responsible for managing land use.

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