Satellite Imagery

MDA is one of the leading Earth Observation satellite information companies. We provide data, information products and services from many of the commercially-available high-resolution radar and optical satellites.

Our services include:

  • Highly responsive, multilingual Customer Support
  • 24-hour emergency support and satellite programming
  • Cleared staff for secure ordering
  • Near real-time data delivery
  • Rapid in-house data processing and product generation
  • Training and technology transfer
  • Project management
  • Geographic Information System implementation
  • Web-enabled decision support tools

With years of expertise in the radar and optical remote sensing market, MDA is positioned to help you benefit from the possibilities of multi-sensor solutions.


SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR: image data independent of weather conditions


OPTICAL: high-resolution optical imagery

For more details on the satellites that MDA supports and their imagery, please refer to the Satellites section of the web site.