Satellite Imagery

MDA is one of the leading Earth Observation satellite information companies. We provide data, information products and services from many of the commercially-available high-resolution radar and optical satellites.

Our services include:

  • Highly responsive, multilingual Customer Support
  • 24-hour emergency support and satellite programming
  • Cleared staff for secure ordering
  • Near real-time data delivery
  • Rapid in-house data processing and product generation
  • Training and technology transfer
  • Project management
  • Geographic Information System implementation
  • Web-enabled decision support tools

With years of expertise in the radar and optical remote sensing market, MDA is positioned to help you benefit from the possibilities of multi-sensor solutions.

SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR: image data independent of weather conditions
R2 Stanley ParkMDA operates the RADARSAT-2 SAR satellite. RADARSAT-2 provides high-resolution SAR imagery independent of weather conditions and illumination. With 20 imaging modes, RADARSAT-2 provides the greatest flexibility of any SAR mission, enabling customers to select the right combination of resolution, polarization and swath width to address their imaging requirements. RADARSAT-2 is the second generation satellite in the RADARSAT program. MDA continues to offer archive data from RADARSAT-1. In addition to RADARSAT imagery, MDA is also a Canadian distributor of the TerraSAR-X SAR satellite from Airbus Defence and Space.

For additional information on the synthetic aperture radar satellite missions MDA supports, their mission characteristics, and data pricing and availability, please visit this link.
OPTICAL: high-resolution optical imagery
DG QB Stanley Park
image © DigitalGlobe

MDA is a distributor of imagery products and services from a wide range of optical sensors. With access to a portfolio of optical satellites that includes DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, GeoEye-1, and IKONOS satellites, Airbus Defence and Space’s Pléiades and SPOT 1-5 satellites, and the RapidEye Constellation, MDA is a single-source provider that provides customers with a full range of high and medium resolution imagery. With more than 15 years of experience providing customers with expert guidance on image acquisition, MDA’s order desk delivers responsive, simplified ordering for both new acquisitions and access to the world’s most comprehensive image archives.

For additional information on the optical satellite missions MDA supports, their mission characteristics, and data pricing and availability, please visit this link.

For more details on the satellites that MDA supports and their imagery, please refer to the Satellites section of the web site.