​InSAR Services

For clients with ongoing operations, MDA provides regular periodic reports of the surface movement measured during each reporting period. This is accomplished by one or more SAR satellites and arranging for regular imaging of the client’s area of interest. RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X, ALOS-2, Sentinel-1, and others can be used to acquire SAR images at regular intervals which range from 11 to 24 days. More frequent imaging can be accomplished with multiple satellites or multiple beam modes from one satellite.


In designing a forward monitoring program, the first step in project definition is the understanding of our client’s particular requirements for monitoring a specific field. There are many reasons to require surface movement monitoring: they range from health and safety to regulatory requirements and production efficiency. After defining the requirement, MDA is able to design a cost effective solution to provide the needed information by selecting from a number of options such as satellite, frequency of imaging, frequency of reporting, InSAR methodology, and others.