Oil and Gas: ​Pipeline Monitoring

Leaks from offshore oil pipelines can be difficult to trace and false reports of pipeline leaks may be triggered by natural offshore oil seeps. MDA Oil Tracker™ is a powerful weather-independent monitoring solution that detects oil on water events over very large geographic areas, in a cost-effective manner. MDA Oil Tracker™ can be used to identify offshore oil leaks and track them over time, including showing historical natural seeps in the area that may be confused for a leak in an offshore pipeline.

Pipeline Network

Broad Area Monitoring

MDA Oil Tracker™ monitoring covers large areas of offshore exploration and production (up to 90,000 km² per report) allowing for cost-effective monitoring of many hundreds or thousands of kilometres of offshore pipelines.

Rich Archive for Source Identification

MDA has available an archive of over 20 years of offshore oil on water information. This history can be used to identify periodic or persistent natural oil seeps in areas where pipeline leaks are suspected. This information helps reduce the costs associated with false alarms of pipeline spills caused by confusion with a local natural seep.