For Oil and Gas companies who operate Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) fields, build infrastructure, or monitor pipelines, MDA provides cost-effective, reliable satellite monitoring solutions that help clients reduce risk to operations and optimize production. MDA has been serving the oil and gas industry for two decades with proven products tailored to meet the specific needs of clients and their projects.


MDA’s surface movement monitoring services provide EOR operators with reliable wide-area monitoring to identify surface movement to assist in site production optimization and help reduce risks from EOR activities. MDA ​has executed dozens of commercial Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) monitoring projects in the last decade. As the satellite operator in control of the entire data chain, MDA solutions are built on reliable data collection, advanced processing techniques, and rapid information delivery to customers.

Best Results Tailored to Your Field

MDA works with clients to understand the oil field, its motion, and the intended use of the data, allowing us to configure the monitoring program and provide the needed data in the most cost effective manner.

Regulatory Compliance

In regions where government regulations make surface monitoring and reporting mandatory, MDA's InSAR Surface Movement Monitoring provides an accepted method of achieving regulatory compliance.  

Protect Infrastructure and People

Knowledge of surface movement allows operators to better understand the impact of their EOR operation on existing infrastructure, and to make informed decisions and implement mitigation strategies to protect their infrastructure and maintain safe work environments.

Improved Geomechanical Models

MDA’s surface uplift and subsidence measurements allow clients to calibrate geomechanical models to improve their accuracy​, and thereby predict caprock stress and maintain safe operating conditions.

Risk Mitigation

Regular monitoring provides detailed, wide-area uplift and subsidence information ​that can provide early warning of potential problems such as caprock failure, fault activation, and damage to surface infrastructure, allowing time for risk mitigation actions.