Evaluation and Exploration: MDA Oil Tracker™ Seep Assessment

Leverage MDA’s unparalleled 18-year archive of global satellite imagery and proprietary analysis methods to understand natural oil seep patterns over active and unexplored offshore basins in a cost-effective manner. Innovative pricing structures and rapid information delivery supports lease assessment on limited budgets and tight schedules.

The high cost of deep-water offshore oil and gas exploration has made the identification of hydrocarbon seeps an important consideration in oil exploration cost-reduction methods. Due to the episodic nature of surface oil seeps, access to a deep, long-term satellite SAR image archive is vital to identifying and understanding natural seep behavior. In addition, exploration activities such as geochemical sampling, piston core campaigns, seismic surveys, and exploratory drilling require operational support data, including continuously updated metocean conditions and forecasts, vessel route planning, safety monitoring, and studies of oceanographic phenomena in the area of interest.

MDA Oil Tracker™ Seep products use space-based SAR satellite data to help to identify natural oil seep locations and clusters of oil seeps over time to help optimize exploration resources. Physical sampling surveys, potential lease bloc assessments, seismic and other high-cost survey planning benefit from the historical data and often utilize near-real time tasking options for timely seep updates.

Multi-temporal RADARSAT imagery over the same location is a powerful tool for validating natural seep activity, and enhancing exploration and production opportunities. MDA tailors its monitoring programs to suit customer requirements and budgets.

Imagery Archive

The power of the MDA Oil Tracker™ Seeps solution lies in 18 years of global satellite imagery archive, supplemented with ongoing image collection over wide areas in offshore basins globally.

Wide-area Image Collection

RADARSAT wide-area capabilities provide all-weather monitoring for oil on water and metocean support with the largest coverage available in the industry (>300,000 km2 in a single imaging event).

Analysis Expertise

MDA has a staff of experts that analyse archive and monitoring results. Reports are tailored to integrate seamlessly into the exploration teams’ databases.