Emergency Response: MDA Oil Tracker™ Incident Response

MDA's proven technologies and response track record for oil on water events around the globe ensure that its customers receive reliable, timely offshore information. Offshore operators depend on MDA Oil Tracker™ Incident Response to receive near-real time critical analysis and information at fixed and mobile locations.

The first 24-48 hours of an oil on water incident are critical to effective operational response and stakeholder communication. Incident responders require information that drives critical decision making to assess and prioritize efforts in the areas of greatest urgency. Operators need access to concise, managed information to monitor metocean damage assessment, spill responders, and cleanup operations.


MDA’s Support Team is available 24/7. MDA has a solid history and reputation with the international oil and gas industry for responding to emergency requests for satellite data and providing support in a timely manner. When there is an existing MDA Oil Tracker™ agreement with an operator, preprogramming of an area of interest coverage is established so the initial delivery time may be greatly reduced.

Minimize Emergency Response Timelines

MDA has practices in place to minimize emergency response timelines and to integrate with customer systems. During an event, a dedicated MDA Oil Tracker™ team coordinates, prioritizes, and manages global monitoring with multiple satellite data sources. MDA works with recognized oil spill response organizations globally to simplify operations, activation, information integration (MDA Oil Tracker™ Online), and contracting.

Emergency Support in All-weather

The ability to see all forms of oil on water near offshore facilities, regardless of cloud cover or light conditions, provides a reliable source of global offshore information that optimizes the use of higher-cost aerial assets, and protects personnel from dangerous situations.

Rapid, Reliable Oil On Water Analysis

MDA’s team of experienced analysts can rapidly distinguish oil sources, identify key metocean/weather phenomena, and communicate critical information to customer personnel.

Emergency Response Support

Direct access to MDA’s operational center 24-hours per day, 7 days a week in case of emergency. Subscription provides access to emergency tasking events to speed and simplify response to offshore incidents.

Simplified Data Collection, Analysis, and Workflow

MDA Oil Tracker™ simplifies data collection, analysis, and workflow. Standard deliverables support daily situation reports in the EOC and are compact and easy to distribute to field teams.

GIS-ready Outputs

Easy integration – MDA Oil Tracker™ outputs utilize industry-standard file formats and are ready to integrate into an enterprise GIS and Common Operating Picture (COP).