Emergency Preparedness: MDA Oil Tracker™ On-Call

MDA Oil Tracker™ On-Call delivers near real-time access to wide-area monitoring information by compiling a very low cost historical archive for evidence of responsible operations and compliance reporting.

Operators are at risk if they cannot readily provide evidence of responsible operations, regardless of the source of oil. These challenges significantly increase in the first 24 to 48 hours of an incident, when effective operational response and stakeholder communication are critical to operator assets and public/regulatory reputation.

MDA Oil Tracker™ On-Call provides routine imaging of offshore assets without the costs typically associated with routine monitoring services. Two to three archived images per week accrue as a valuable repository of evidence for queries raised by regulatory agencies or third parties. Satellite tasking is pre-programmed so that in the event of an emergency, near-real time image acquisition and access to historical data and reports are available with full 24/7 support services. During oil on water events, MDA offers preferred pricing for emergency satellite programming and image acquisition of the area.


In addition to all of the standard MDA Oil Tracker™ Incident Response features, MDA Oil Tracker™ On-Call subscriptions include optional increased imaging frequency and spatial coverage via multiple satellites, if a situation requires their use.

Archive Satellite Acquisitions

Regular coverage over key areas of interest. Imagery archived at MDA and available for purchase. Pre-programming over area of interest speeds emergency response and provides historical protection.

Routine Monitoring in All-weather

See all forms of oil on water near key offshore facilities. Information is available regardless of cloud cover or daylight, providing a reliable source of global offshore information. Respond to accusations of past operational issues with concrete information. Use the broad area view to better use high-cost aerial/vessel assets while keeping staff safe.

Rapid, Reliable Oil On Water Analysis

MDA’s experienced analyst team can distinguish oil sources, identify key metocean/weather phenomena, and help your team understand the results.

Emergency Response Support

Direct access to MDA’s operational center 24-hours per day, 7 days a week in case of emergency. Subscription provides access to emergency tasking events to speed and simplify response to offshore incidents.

Pre-programming of Satellite Data Over Key Facilities

Information available up to 24 hours earlier than in traditional incident response programs, which speeds emergency response and provides historical protection.

GIS-ready Outputs

Easy integration – MDA Oil Tracker™ outputs utilize industry-standard file formats and are ready to integrate into an enterprise GIS and Common Operating Picture (COP).