Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies around the world rely on MDA for cost-effective information solutions and services that support exploration, operations, environmental compliance, and remediation activities.

For more than 40 years, MDA has been providing the international oil and gas industry with advanced information solutions that optimize operations, support environmental compliance, and improve profitability of upstream and midstream applications.

MDA provides customers with reliable information services based on its own space assets, and can combine this information with data from other space, airborne, and ground monitoring sources to deliver timely, high-value services.

MDA provides industry-leading monitoring programs including:

  • MDA Oil Tracker™ oil spill monitoring
  • InSAR-based surface movement monitoring for enhanced oil recovery operations
  • All-weather ice monitoring for Arctic operations
  • Oil seep assessment for global offshore exploration
  • Geohazard monitoring and assessement for pipeline corridors
  • Flood monitoring for emergency response and preparedness

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