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Waste Land Form Stability

Settling patterns detected by MDA's solution replaces the hazardous practice of physical surveys on unstable waste land forms and enables remediation before uneven settling results in a failure.


Tailing Storage Facilities

MDA's monitoring solution collects high-density measurements to detect subtle movement of TSF's and queue proactive stabilization or remediation strategies as needed to mitigate any potential environmental risks.

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Impact Inside Mine Lease Boundaries

MDA’s monitoring method incorporates the use of ground assets at customer sites as coherent targets to provide a high-density survey network that highlights areas of movement with the potential to damage equipment, buildings, and other assets.


Impacts on neighbouring infrastructure

MDA's broad area, remote monitoring techniques enable mine operators to legally obtain vital information on surface movement beyond their mine lease boundaries, such as nearby urban, residential areas and adjacent industrial facilities.


Settling of Mined Out Areas

MDA's monitoring technique provides mine operators with an accurate and intuitive geospatial representation of subsiding ground above areas where previous mining has occurred.


Pit Slope Stability

MDA's monitoring solution for open pit mining operations provides detection of extremely subtle levels of movement which can indicate more aggressive ground movement. The very high density of measurements provides a better understanding of the spatial distribution of the surface deformation and complements data gathered by InSitu instrumentation and ground based radar monitoring systems.

Pit Crest Stability

The high density of measurements obtained with MDA's monitoring technique collects vital information of ground movement indicators that occur near the pit crest and behind the high wall. These indicators can be a leading contributor to high wall instability and can provide geotechnical engineers with valuable insight.


Monitoring Large Areas

MDA's space-based surface movement monitoring techniques provide a large-scale overview of operations to rapidly pinpont areas of instability that require immediate attention.

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