MDA supports the aviation sector with advanced geospatial products and services that create and maintain cost-effective, high-precision geographic databases of terminal areas.

MDA applies an optimized combination of satellite, terrestrial, and aerial collection techniques to provide airport builders, operators, users, and regulators with accurate geospatial data at and around existing and planned airports to ensure regulatory compliance and safe operations.

MDA accurately and correctly collects and preserves the value of customer’s geospatial data investments through the use of satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), high-resolution optical satellite data, orthometric and oblique aerial imagery, aerial and terrestrial LiDAR, and accurate ground surveys.

Compliant Data

Data delivered to custom specification, which can include a combination of several international standards such as Pans-Ops, ICAO Annex 14 or 15.

Customized Data

Data delivered in any format or projection, customizable and geared to each project requirement.

Global Coverage

Global coverage potential of all current and planned airports, capability to image and survey anywhere in the world.

One-Stop Solution

One-stop solution for all your aviation survey needs, from collecting ground control points, triangulating and extracting data from stereoscopic imagery, and validated quality assurance.

Comprehensive Package

Use of MDA proprietary and in-house software packages to generate and validate flight procedures based on requirements.


AIRPORT MAPPING: Accurate, High Quality Airport Maps

MDA has a long history of providing high-quality Airport Mapping Databases (AMDBs) for international civil and military aviation markets. AMDBs are developed to international standards including RTCA DO-272 and DO-200A. Employing Earth observation techniques that include satellite imagery and aerial photography, MDA collects accurate aerodrome information and constructs geospatial databases that meet the quality and accuracy requirements for airports around the world. Airport authorities use AMDBs to optimize taxi routes, maximize flow efficiency and minimize runway incursions.

MDA tailors its AMDBs to create high-resolution airport maps for overlay in surveillance systems and in cockpit displays for aircraft operators. These in cockpit Electronic Flight Bags are essential tools for increasing safety, by providing pilots with improved situational awareness. Airport operators recognize the operational advantages of an accurate geo-database of their assets that can be used for construction, security planning and submission of aeronautical data to national aviation authorities, or as supplements to ground surveys.


OBSTRUCTION MAPPING: Cost effective Aviation Obstacle Maps

MDA has developed an innovative, cost-effective method for civil aviation authorities to conduct airport surveys that meet geospatial information requirements for government and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). MDA’s Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) enables aviation authorities and flight procedure designers to increase safety, efficiency, and reduce operational costs, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Integration with MDA’s Global Procedure Designer allows users to optimize the quantity, location and accuracy of the data they are required to collect. MDA employs the highest resolution commercial imaging satellites, as well as pictometry oblique and conventional aerial photography, LiDAR, and external datasets to obtain a complete dataset for aerodromes and their surrounding areas to minimize impact on airport operations.

Obstruction Mapping

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