Sample Data

A RADARSAT-2 sample dataset encompassing many of the RADARSAT-2 beam modes is now available for downloading. Unique to this dataset are the RADARSAT-2 quad-polarized modes, offered in 8 m Fine Quad-Pol and 25 m Standard Quad-Pol mode. Other modes of interest include the dual polarized modes, and our high-resolution, single polarized Ultra-Fine 3 m mode.

Vancouver Data Set

The Vancouver dataset offers the end-user the chance to evaluate RADARSAT-2 products from many of the modes available on RADARSAT-2 and for a variety of different applications that include urban mapping, marine surveillance, agricultural mapping, and infrastructure mapping. This geographic location offers varied terrain from the rugged mountains to the north of Vancouver, to the flat, agricultural lands of the Fraser River Delta.

40x50 UltraFine Vancouver

The Vancouver data set includes:

  • Fine (HH/HV) SGF
  • Fine Quad-Pol SLC
  • Standard (HH/HV) SGF
  • Extended High (HH) SGF
  • Wide (HH/HV) SGF
  • ScanSAR Narrow (VV/VH) SGF
  • ScanSAR Wide (HH/HV) SGF
Vancouver_RS2_FineQuad15_Frame2_SLCZIP298.20 MB
Vancouver_RS2_FineQuad15_Frame1_SLCZIP297.36 MB
Vancouver_RS2_Fine2_HH_HV_SGFZIP252.81 MB
Vancouver_RS2_Extended_High1_HH_SGFZIP50.87 MB
Vancouver_RS2_Wide2_HH_HV_SGFZIP203.10 MB
Vancouver_RS2_Standard7_HH_HV_SGFZIP125.00 MB
Vancouver_RS2_ScanSar_Narrow_VV_VH_SGFZIP100.15 MB
Vancouver_RS2_ScanSar_Wide_HH_HV_SGFZIP42.31 MB
Vancouver_RS2_FineQuad2_HH_VV_HV_VH_SLCZIP356.33 MB

Interferometric Ultra-Fine Pair

40x50 UltraFine PhoenixAn interferometric pair has also been made available in the sample dataset. The Ultra-Fine images making up this pair were acquired 24 days apart. These data are suitable for interferometric (InSAR) processing and have already been used to create a Digital Elevation Model. The scenes have good coherence over most of the image. The area features an arid region with little vegetation on the southern edge of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Phoenix_RS2_UltraFine12_20080528_HH_SLCZIP279.66 MB
Phoenix_RS2_UltraFine12_20080504_HH_SLCZIP278.73 MB

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